Hard Rock Cafe

An example of the work I did for Hard Rock Cafe Mallorca, Tenerife & Marbella. I worked with them as a Freelance Graphic Designer. Making sure all the guidelines were being used when applying new digital content on social media and newsletters.

Campaign I designed and adapted for other ads. 
Leaflet to inform our customers about the concerts happening in the Cafe, during the Rising Contest. Also to motivate the votings on the Facebook page. Both Languages English / Spanish was made.
Poster for Ultima Hora / Quin Club! for Hard Rock Calling Contest.
Adapting design - large scale in Tenerife 
Drawing of the "three kings day carroza" & then digitalized in Photoshop. To have an idea of how it would look, for the people preparing the trailer and cut out foam pieces.
Special Project: Fender Rackard. Hanging in all of the RENT A CAR, from the inside mirror. People come to Hard Rock Cafe with this offer and get a free magnet from the Rock Shop, with the purchase of 30€ (restaurant or shop).
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